Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide. Sharon Trotter Sharon Trotter

ISBN: 9780954838102

Published: August 1st 2004


90 pages


Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide. Sharon Trotter  by  Sharon Trotter

Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide. Sharon Trotter by Sharon Trotter
August 1st 2004 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 90 pages | ISBN: 9780954838102 | 6.21 Mb

There are many books available on the subject of breastfeeding. They contain a bewildering amount of information and advice. Many are long and they can be expensive. Which one do you choose? I felt there was a need for a short but nonethelessMoreThere are many books available on the subject of breastfeeding. They contain a bewildering amount of information and advice. Many are long and they can be expensive. Which one do you choose? I felt there was a need for a short but nonetheless informative book with breastfeeding tips for mothers to follow. So I set about writing just that. I hope you enjoy the result.

I wanted it to be easy to read, cheap to buy and small enough to take anywhere. I want it to answer all your questions and encourage you to ask more. I want it to be your lifeline when things get tough. I want my enthusiasm to rub off and give you the confidence to succeed. Even more importantly I want you to enjoy the whole experience!Although primarily aimed at mothers, this would also be a great read for fathers, midwives, student midwives and other health professionals who give breastfeeding advice. I want the text to flow, which is why it is not fully referenced.

However, as I understand the importance of evidence based knowledge, I have included references and websites where appropriate. I have also included a short list of Suggested further reading and Helpful websites at the end, should you want to delve deeper.The Breast Read for new Mums!Dame Lorna Muirhead (Past President of the UK Royal College of Midwives) was guest of honor at the UK launch of Sharons book in May 2005.

She has kindly agreed to share her comments about this book:I so enjoyed reading this refreshing, informative and dare I say exciting approach to breastfeeding by Sharon Trotter. Easy to read, it is packed with really useful, practical information for mothers, midwives or other health professionals, concerned with successful breastfeeding.Sharons approach avoids being zealous or patronising but this persuades the reader that breastfeeding is wholly worthwhile and ultimately satisfying for mother and baby.I recommend it as a jolly good read.~Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE (Immediate past President of the RCM)Dec.

2004In August 2005 the internationally respected Journal of Human Lactation reviewed Breastfeeding: the essential guide.Breastfeeding -The Essential Guide to Success has been written by Scottish Midwife, Sharon Trotter and comes complete with a foreword by Anne Diamond.

Having personally breastfed her own children for a total of 7 yrs, Sharon combines professional and personal advice to give parents the real truth behind this subject.Most parents know that breastfeeding is good for their baby. However, do they know that, with each feed, they will receive a guaranteed rush of endorphins, which will make them feel relaxed and de-stressed? This is surely one of breastfeedings best-kept secrets.Women who do not breastfeed are missing out on one of the most enjoyable experiences available to them and its free!Breastfeeding is not easy, it needs to be supported, valued, encouraged and more importantly explained in simple terms.

Attitudes need to change.Sharon has set out everything logically, in a jargon-free language that is written for the woman in the street. Her enthusiasm is infectious and should be shared.From the AuthorI have been involved with the education and support of breastfeeding mothers for over 20 years. As a midwife, this has been just one part of a very rewarding career. As a mother, having breastfed my own children for a combined total of 7 years, it has become a lot more.I am not saying that you have to experience breastfeeding in order to teach others, but it definitely helps. Most of the trials and tribulations that so many women suffer, on their road to successful breastfeeding, have also happened to me.

This is why I understand the highs and lows so well and can hopefully guide you through. I also understand that real life does not include a nanny or constant support from friends and relatives. Real life means juggling work, home, other children, partners and its exhausting!So how can something that appears to take up so much time really fit into a busy mothers life? This is what I want to de-mystify.

Once you have established breastfeeding, there is no better stress-buster around! The natural high that occurs with every feed is available on tap whenever you and your baby need it. More importantly it is free and should be enjoyed by all. So many women have told me that they regret having not persevered with breastfeeding and that they wished my tips had been around when they needed them. This is why I am determined to spread the word about the pleasurable side of feeding that is so often overlooked.

Not only is it best for your baby, but it is best for you too!In 2002 I wrote down my experiences, as a way of introducing breastfeeding to women, in an easy-to-read format, combined with all the tricks of the trade, so to speak! It is evidence-based and would be an ideal introduction to parents, student midwives, midwives and returning midwives.

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